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Gift Ideas For Motorcyclists

Motorcyclists are very particular about the gear and accessories they buy for themselves, which makes it extremely difficult to figure out what to gift your rider. Unless you know exactly what he/or she wants (and I do mean exact, you’re going to want a specific part number or the size and color of apparel you’re planning on gifting) you’re going to be playing a guessing game, and that’s not a game you want to lose. I’m sure you’ll want to see your motorcyclist get use out of your thoughtful gift, and not see it sitting in the corner of his closet for months, gathering dust.
Here are a few gift ideas that will surely be useful on his next ride.

Motorcycle Safety

Most people share a common misconception that motorcycles are dangerous.  Although it is definitely a risk, motorcycles can be ridden safely. Now, the mentality with which you go into motorcycling can be absolutely dangerous. A lot of motorcyclists say the same thing: “It’s not if you’ll go down, it’s when.” I hear this from every rider I know that’s gone down. What’s odd is that I also hear this from the few that have never been down, even after 20+ years of riding. Which makes me wonder whether keeping this kind of mental preparation makes one less likely to go down. I think a lot of riders get comfortable cause they’ve been riding a few years and start to believe they’re Valentino Rossi or Marc Marquez. No matter your skill level, it’s important to remember just how humbling motorcycling is and how much respect you need to give your motorcycle. Doesn’t really matter what you ride; it could be a sports bike, a cruiser, touring, dual sport, or even a scooter. The fact is we’re going fast on a heavy piece of metal with minimal protection (or no protection if you enjoy being a squid).

Leather Conditioning

At some point in a riders’ life he, or she, will acquire some leather goods. There’s nothing that compares to the feel and smell of leather. Whether it be a riding jacket, a pair of pants, chaps, boots, or a full-on riding suit. I find the more passionate you are about riding the more you’re willing to invest your hard-earned money on quality equipment for yourself, your safety, and your bike. I’ve seen plenty of riders spend a lot of cash on leather accessories and neglect to take the proper steps to prolong the life of the leather. If you’re going to spend hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars, on your leathers and leather accessories for your bike, you should take the time and diligence to care for them properly. If you take care of your leathers, they’ll take care of you… and could last a lifetime.

Customizing My Bike

Almost every day, Danny Gray receives customer stories and testimonials about our customized seat solutions and how they have impacted our customers’ lives. We love hearing these stories, but this particular story really stuck out, maybe because it is about a new rider and their experience while going through the whole Danny Gray customization process. Many people don’t realize that to the motorcycle culture, customization is about making your bike your own. It becomes a part of you and is a great way to let your personality shine through while you’re out there on the road. So, without further ado, here is the story of one such Danny Gray customer.

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