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Customizing My Bike

Almost every day, Danny Gray receives customer stories and testimonials about our customized seat solutions and how they have impacted our customers’ lives. We love hearing these stories, but this particular story really stuck out, maybe because it is about a new rider and their experience while going through the whole Danny Gray customization process. Many people don’t realize that to the motorcycle culture, customization is about making your bike your own. It becomes a part of you and is a great way to let your personality shine through while you’re out there on the road. So, without further ado, here is the story of one such Danny Gray customer.

When I first purchased my motorcycle, I was unaware of the customization that was possible with the vehicle. I first bought my motorcycle to save on gas money. This economical purchase quickly turned into a hobby. I started paying more attention to other riders and their bikes, reading blogs, motorcycle magazines, and visiting motorcycle retail shops.

Once I discovered the trends in this motorcycle culture and realized how much motorcycle enthusiasts are into customization, I started customizing my own bike. By the time I was finished making changes to my bike, I had a completely different bike than the one I purchased. When beginning this process, I thought “Where do I start?” “How do I paint the bike?” “Do I like these tires?” “Are these graphics sexy enough?” “Do I need some fancy handlebar grips?” “Can this thing go faster?” Of course, I needed to paint the bike, buy new tires, get sexier graphics, buy some fancy handle grips and it was 100% NOT fast enough.

After draining my savings account (Hey, at least I’m saving on gas, right?) I had a pretty great looking motorcycle. There was one thing I hadn’t considered at this point, though, and it felt like there was something missing. It was the one thing I couldn’t see because it was under my butt. I had a boring black leather seat. It was the one thing that I didn’t make “mine” on the bike. So of course, I HAD to start researching customizable seat cushions for motorcycles. I did plenty of research and finally found the best option: Danny Gray motorcycle seats.
I had quite the intricate design in mind when approaching Danny Gray. I thought it would be too much. But it wasn’t. Once I was given my final product, I had the best-looking motorcycle seat of all my new motorcycle-riding friends. My seat became my favorite part of my bike. Not only was it sexy, but it totally tied together the entire look of my bike. My bike that I used to commute quickly turned into a project which eventually turned into a hobby. Thanks to Danny Gray and other motorcycle retailers, I was able to shine my personality and creativity through my mode of transportation.

Danny Gray is dedicated to providing hand-crafted motorcycle seats to a wide range of riders. Not only do the seats look great but they are designed to provide maximized anatomical support. For those looking for added comfort, you can also have an AirHawk seat cushion embedded in your Danny Gray customized seat package. For more information on Danny Gray, check them out online at or give us a call at 888-443-2669.

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