At Danny Gray, because we’re constantly on the road we’re privileged to talk with customers around the world. Here are answers to some of their most commonly asked questions.

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Regarding design stitch color; In the heat/sun will the color have a tendency to fade, or is the color long lasting?

According to our thread supplier, the thread withstands 200 hours of sunlight. Avoid UV Exposure. Sun damages everthing - including items that are supposedly UV restistant and fadeproof. The sun finds a way and there is simply no really good way to avoid sun damage other than keeping pieces out of it. Avoid displaying pieces in direct sunlight, and rotate your treasures often.

Is there anything written on how to find your most comfortable position on the new AirHawk DG seat? Suggestions, for various riding conditions, etc...

Unfortunately no because each rider's body shape and size is unique. You want to sink into the air cells as much as possible to distribute the pressure more evenly, but it all depends on your seat style, the angle of you seated position, foot peg location, amongst other things so as you can see, there are many variables. This is why the concept of air works so well - IT'S ADJUSTABLE! Just like tires you do not want to over inflate or under inflate.

What makes a Danny Gray Seat comfortable?

Danny Gray uses premium grade flexible polyurethane foam. This highly resilient open cell foam is precisely measured to ensure proper density, providing maximum seat comfort and support to the rider. Danny Gray Seats are comfortable right out of the box. No break in period is needed.

What are the seat pans made of?

Our seat pans are made of hand-laid fiberglass. By using hand-laid fiberglass, we are able to make a lightweight, flexible, yet very strong base that conforms to the lines of the bike.

What are the seat covers made of?

All Danny Gray production seat covers are made with leather seating surfaces and vinyl side bands. Each leather hide is meticulously inspected for flaws to ensure that only the highest quality leather becomes a Danny Gray Seat. Due to the constant flexing of the seat, we use premium grade automotive vinyl on the sides and accent panels to reduce stress on the cover.

Can you recover my existing seat?

Danny Gray has a full custom seat department. We have built our reputation on meeting or exceeding our customers' expectations. If it is at all possible to recover your existing seat, we will do our best to see your needs are met. Please call our customer service department for more details: 888-443-2669.

Can you recover my existing backrest to match a Danny Gray Seat?

Yes, we can incorporate your seat design, including stitch patterns and exotic inlays, into your existing backrest. If you are ordering a custom or personalized seat and would like to match your existing backrest, you will need to send in your backrest at the time the order is placed. It is best to recover the backrest at the same time the seat is being made, in order to keep the material color and texture consistent.

Can a Danny Gray Seat be modified to fit me?

Absolutely! We can modify your selected seat style to meet your personal requirements. Please contact us directly to discuss your needs: 888-443-2669. Please note that there is an additional charge to customize a standard seat in any way. We also recommend that the modified foam be sent to you for fitment before covering. There may be an additional charge for shipping.

What is the delivery time once I order a Danny Gray personalized seat?

Standard seats are available through Drag Specialties. Custom seats will ship two to three weeks from date your design is approved. Please note Custom Seat Projects may take longer, depending on complexity.

Why can’t I install my saddlebags with my new Rocker Weekday Solo seat?

The bolts provided are too short to accommodate saddlebags. The saddle back support struts require mounting hardware (screws & washers) from HD to mount them to the bike with the stock seat. Use these along with 4 1/8 inch thick washers off the stock seat as spacers.