OUR SEATS: AirHawk Seats


The same innovative medical technology that’s been used in wheelchairs to reduce tissue pressure and improve comfort for over 35 years is now available as an integrated feature of select Danny Gray seats.

The AIRHAWK® Comfort Seating System distributes your weight equally over the entire seating area, minimizing those hot spots during long rides. An integrated pump and bleeder valve lets you easily adjust the amount of pressure while seated, allowing you to adapt your seating position to changes in the road surface, temperature, and overall time in the saddle.

 AIRHAWK air cells also provide shock absorption for your pelvis, seat, and spinal column.  Most AIRHAWK
® seats are available with a rider backrest receiver and a range of accessory options.

These pressure-mapping images illustrate how our AIRHAWK seats adjust to your body to eliminate painful pressure points and increase riding comfort.

Why not upgrade?
Our Standard Seats are some of the finest rides on the road, but to make a truly individual statement, create your own Custom Seats. Choose your stitch design, thread color, and even add inlay materials to compliment your bike, style, and personality.
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