He’s a creative innovator and a motorcycle culture legend.
But let’s let him tell you himself:
I started riding when I was 17, and while I’m not a hardcore biker, I’m always comfortable walking into a biker bar because I feel like I’m with my people there.
Around 1973 I made a seat for a local builder that made it onto the cover of a magazine. Arlen Ness – who was just getting started and beginning to be well known in California – called me and asked if I’d be interested in making some seats for him. I whipped up some seats and went to Arlen’s shop. I was a little nervous as he looked them over, but then he said, “I’ll take all of these and any more you can make.” 
Once I got started with Arlen, my business took off like a striped-ass ape. Custom builders around the country started calling me to do seats for them – pretty much all custom, all the time – and over the years I worked hard to build my company.
I’ve got high standards for myself and for my products. I hope that people who appreciate quality appreciate Danny Gray seats, because I’ve poured my heart and soul into them for decades now.
Ride on, ladies and gentlemen. 

The Company BACK TO TOP
For 40 years, Danny Gray has been creating high performance, purpose built seats for
motorcycles from leading manufacturers like Harley Davidson, as well as being the choice of top builders for one-of-a-kind seats for their custom bike creations. In fact, Danny Gray has provided more custom seats for more projects to more builders than any other single manufacturer in the world.

But it all started way back in 1972, when Danny Gray Enterprises opened its doors in
Clovis, CA, specializing in custom upholstery for boats, cars, golf carts (reallyl), and -
of course - custom motorcycles. In the early years, we built a high-profiÂle clientele that included bike culture icons like Arlen Ness, Dave Perewitz, and Don Hotop. Over time, the demand generated by our association with these great guys allowed us to focus more exclusively on building seats for the motorcycle industry.

The growth of Danny Gray over the years has been guided by a commitment to product excellence and craftsmanship and has been marked by some important milestones:
The early '90s saw the beginning of our production aftermarket seats, starting with our popular Signature Series, which we offered through an outside distribution channel for the first time.

In 2004, Danny Gray formed a collaborative partnership with another company known
for innovation - High End Products. And in 2011, we entered into a joint venture - known as High End Seating Systems - to combine our heritage of custom design and production with clinician-approved AIRHAWK Air Cell Technology, integrating the industry's most comfortable seating technology with cool designs to complement the coolest bikes out there.

Today, Danny Gray Motorcycle Seats is located in Santa Ana, CA in a state-of—the-art,
25,000 sq. ft. production facility. And while we've grown a lot from our early days, one thing remains the same: every Danny Gray seat is specially designed to form the perfect union between road and rider, and our goal is to enhance your overall riding experience every time you get on your bike.

How We Build BACK TO TOP

Although our seats are known for providing that finishing touch to custom bikes,
every Danny Gray seat is built with the same commitment to great design and
production excellence.

So what makes a Danny Gray seat so special? it's in the details:

Every seat is sculpted to maximize anatomical support:

Soft nose and hard rails to assure a perfect integrated flt to your motorcycle
Our narrow leg pass assure you have a flat foot position when stopped


The materials matter, from the bottom to the top:

Our proprietary fiberglass seat pan provides stability and torsional compliance
Continuous felt backing glued to the bottom of the seat pan
Every seat features a top grain cowhide leather seat top
And Danny Gray seats are handmade,
with old world craftsmanship built into each one. But you've got to ride one to really
experience what makes Danny Gray Seats so special, so start your Journey by
exploring these links now:

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